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Guitar Owned By

Gibson Les Paul Guitar Historic Personaly Owned By Ed King Of Lynyrd Skynyrd




Ibanez 2680 Bob Weir Signature Electric Guitar Owned by Paul Gilbert #32850


Carruthers Custom Lefty Strat Tele Hybrid Guitar Owned by Carlos Rios #34006


1984 Washburn G-35V Panther Electric Guitar Owned by Bob Kulick Meat Loaf #20512


Valley Arts Guitar Custom Left-Handed Electric Owned by Carlos Rios #33996


Ibanez AS103-VB-12-03 Artcore Electric Guitar Owned by Paul Gilbert #33056


RARE Dean EVO Guitar owned by Multi-Platinum Recording Artist and Punk Icon


Carruthers' Left Handed 330 Semi-Hollow Strat Guitar Owned by Carlos Rios #33997


Yamaha Pacifica Custom Left-Handed Electric Guitar Owned by Carlos Rios #33942


1966 Jose Mercado Classical Guitar owned by Earl Klugh


Martin Aura acoustic-Electric Guitar owned by Simon Kirke of Bad Co.


Mossman Guitar Flint Hills Custom 1976 Once owned by Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick


Zinky/Supro 212 Guitar Cab, flightcase (owned by Eagles Of Death Metal)


1976 Hiwatt Custom 50 DR504 Tube 50W Guitar Amp Head Owned by Matt Hyde #30299


Quidley 2x12" 8 Ohm Mojotone Guitar Speaker Cabinet Owned by George Lynch #32996


Bad Cat Cool Cat 30R tube guitar amp head Awesome (owned by Young the Giant)


Vintage Gibson Hard Shell Electric Guitar Case Owned by Robben Ford #27959


Line 6 DT50 Tube Guitar Amplifier Amp Head Bogner Owned by Carlos Rios #33940


Ashdown ABM500 ABM 500 Bass Guitar Amplifier Amp Head Owned by Maroon 5 #33396


Sterling by Music Man StingRay 4-String Electric Guitar Red Pre Owned Sub Series


Gretsch 7797 Expandafuzz Guitar Pedal Owned by Matt Hyde #30184


Randall Thrasher Guitar Tube Amplifier Amp Head Owned by George Lynch #32451


Schecter Diamond Series C-4 XXX Bass Guitar Previously Owned By Jeanne Sagan


Ampeg SVT-215E 2x15" Bass Guitar Speaker Cabinet Cab Owned by Papa Roach #33211


Ernie Ball Music Man Cutlass Hardshell Guitar Case Owned by Phantogram #34925


Digitech Whammy IV 4th Generation Guitar Effect Pedal Owned by Papa Roach #33225


Divided By 13 2x12F 2x12" Guitar Speaker Cabinet Cab Owned By Maroon 5 #33388


Boss TU-2 TU2 Chromatic Guitar Tuner Pedal Owned & Signed by Paul Gilbert #33093


Build Your Own 3-String Electric Cigar Box GuitarĀ  by C. B. Gitty LIST: $169.99


Marshall 1960BV 4x12 Vintage 30s Straight Guitar Cab Owned by Papa Roach #33360