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Lens 8x10

1890's Taylor Hobson Cooke 8x10" Rapid Rectilinear / Landscape Lens SUPERB


Kosmos wide angle 8x10 vintage brass waterstop lens  -


Nikon NIKKOR-W 240mm f5.6 Lens for 8x10 Camera Caps


Deardorff 8x10-Large-Format-Film-Camera w 4*5 Reducing back,lens and Base


Ansco 8x10 Wooden Camera,No back,No lens board.Bellows good.


Darlot Paris Giant 8x10 Brass Petzval Portrait Lens


Intrepid 8X10 camera with Schneider 240mm F9 lens + holder (TESTED)


Schneider Symmar-S MC 360mm f/6.8 lens in Copal #3 for 8X10 cameras V79


Gundlach Anastigmat Ser IV f6.3 Large Format 8x10 Lens, Betax No 4 Shutter 27907


Large Brass Landscape Meniscus Lens 8x10 11x14 Wet Plate Early lens


Vintage Gundlach 8x10 Camera & Dagor Convertible Lens 


Vintage Rochester Camera Co. 8x10 Film View Camera + Cooke Anastigmat Lens


8x10 Taylor Hobson Cooke Soft Focus Portrait Lens f5.6 Series VI 13.1 Inch Lens


Deardorff 8 x 10 for lens board


Prosch Triplex Lens on Large Format 8x10 Unidentified Camera Excellent Condition


0.3mm Laser drilled Pinhole Photography Camera for large format 4x5 5x7 8x10


Schneider 150mm f/5.6 Super Symmar XL Aspheric MC 105° Lens for 8x10 Near Mint!


> Vintage Bausch & Lomb 8x10 Large Format Shutter W/ Gundlach Lens' 182


J.H. Dallmeyer 4D Soft Focus Brass 8x10 Large Format Lens


Vintage 8 1/4" 210mm f4.5 Bausch & Lomb Lens for Large Format Camera 8x10 or 5x7


Ilex Acuton 190mm F4.8 lens (for 8X10+) in Copal #1 shutter *coated*


Ilex 12 inch f/9 Wide Field Process Paragon 8x10 Lens


Fujifilm Fujinon W 300mm F/5.6 Copal 3 Lens - Mint with Box, Great 8x10 Lens!


Kodak Portrait lens 12" 305mm F4.5 in Ilex #5 shutter for 8X10


Rodenstock Apo Ronar 480mm F9 lens for 8X10 11X14 camera in copal #3


Bausch & Lomb Plastigmat 18" (460mm) f/5.6 vintage PORTRAIT lens Wet Plate 8x10"


1 LENS BOARD 5.25x5.25" (132.5mm Sq) FOR WISNER 8x10 Brasillian Cherry free hole


Kodak Portrait lens 16" 405mm F4.5 for 8X10 11X14 and more


Kosnos Wide Angle 8x10 Brass Barrel Lens The Scientific Lens Co. - small


Ilex Acuton 215 F4.8 lens (covers 8X10) in Ilex #3 shutter *coated*